Why Blog?


If your business doesn’t have a blog yet, it’s time you consider creating one. Blogging on a regular basis can not only keep your writing skills sharp, but it can also help your business as a whole. Here’s how:

Consistently New Content

When it comes to search engines, you probably want to be easily found on Google. This can not only increase your exposure, but it can also increase your chances of attracting new customers. Google, however, likes to constantly change and shift the way they evaluate websites; an SEO method that worked for you yesterday may not work for you today. But you can always count on Google to love businesses that constantly add new and relevant content. That’s where blogs come in. If you blog on a regular basis, Google will recognize your consistent effort to keep your website new, and will reward you for it. And we all know the more you please Google, the more likely you’ll be to get a good spot on that first results page.


When someone searches for a business, they likely search for one with experience and credibility; no one wants to support a business that is sketchy or doesn’t seem to know what they’re talking about. Again, this is where blogs come in. By writing about common topics in your industry, you can show potential customers that you’re well-versed in what you do. For example: If you’re in the web development industry and you consistently write blogs about 404 errors, CSS, meta tags, and wireframes, your expertise level will rise and people will be more likely to trust you.

A Learning Tool

While blogs can benefit your business as a whole, they can also help you as an individual. They say you should never stop learning, and if you write blogs on a regular basis, you won’t. Each time you choose your blog topic, choose one that you want to learn more about and that can benefit your job skills.

If blogging isn’t your thing, consider our content strategy services. We can create a blog for you and post consistently to keep your business up to date.

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