Understanding Your Audience

When you run a business, the most important part of your success is your audience – if you don’t capture their attention, they won’t be interested in your products or services. And in order to capture their attention, you need to do more than know who they are – you need to understand them.

There’s a difference…

Knowing and understanding are two very different concepts. For example, you can know how to bake a cake but not understand why it gets so fluffy. Or you can know how to play the guitar but not understand how the guitar gets its sound. By digging deeper and doing some research, you can make any project easier – especially writing content.

Try on some new shoes…

When it comes to writing content, understanding the ins and outs of your audience will help you address them more easily. The best way to start is by putting yourself in their shoes and then trying to appeal to yourself. Are there mostly women in your audience? Why would your product or service be beneficial to a woman? Is your audience wealthy? Why might they want to buy what you’re offering? Are there more blue collar workers or white collar workers? What can your product or service do for them?

Tailor your content…

Once you’ve delved deeper and understood that your audience isn’t just a flat number – it’s a group of people, you can write content that appeals to them specifically. You’ll be able to target what will spark many of their interests and avoid offending the majority of them. You’ll also be able to write in a style and voice that is engaging.

At Prager,¬†our¬†digital marketing agency dives into your company to figure out who’s interested and direct our website copywriting toward those who would benefit from what you do.

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