The Importance of Landing Pages

RunwayLanding pages are are often misunderstood. If your business is utilizing a search engine optimization campaign and you are currently using an outside source to optimize your site (or even if you’re doing it internally and you have an SEO marketing specialist on staff), you’ve probably heard of landing pages before but weren’t really sure what they were. Landing pages serve a major purpose in the grand scheme of SEO. If your website was a house, the landing pages would be like doors that allow your visitors to enter. They may not be a part of your interior decor, but without them, people wouldn’t be able to get into your home.

Landing pages are parts of your site that have been specially designed to attract search engine spiders that index the information on your site and rank each of its components according to algorithms that monetize credibility. When you draw them into indexing the information on your site, you are going to improve your site’s rankings. The catch is, if search engine spiders find their way into your site through your landing pages, chances are, visitors are going to follow the same path.

Generally speaking, these landing pages usually feature content that is technically inspired, rather than conversion motivated. That means the content and layout of these pages will be geared towards adhering to the technical standards of search engine spiders and are more focused towards things like keyword usage, density and prominence. They are not for luring visitors into learning more about your business. They are merely a starting point for consumers on their journey to becoming your loyal customers.

Good Content

The best way to approach the construction of landing pages is to include user-friendly content at the beginning of the page. Usually, because of the technical writing that is involved with creating these pages, they could have awkward wording or sound too stuffed with keywords. Remember that these pages are targeted towards search engines, not regular people, but you can still try to find a middle ground between a totally technical direction and a more consumer-based page. Try to then give your visitors a call-to-action (or a link) to another section of your site that has been proven to deliver conversions. Welcoming them into your site through a landing page is common, but you want to make sure that they make it to a hot spot of your site, before they refer back to the search results that lead them to you in the first place.

Understanding the capability of landing pages and utilizing them properly can be a vital piece of your SEO campaign. When they are working to their optimal performance level, your website traffic will increase, your bounce rate will decrease and the number of conversions your site attracts will improve greatly. Prager can help you design landing pages that deliver exceptional results. We are a search engine optimization consulting company that can help you focus your online marketing energy. Contact us for more information.

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