Prosodic: Making Social Media Marketing Smart

GraphQuality content determines the effectiveness of your online marketing campaign. The better your website copywriting is, the more attention it’s going to attract. This is especially true when you’re depending on social media to market your business.

The amount of user interaction your content creates with your business and its social network helps determine the power of your marketing campaign. Getting users to not only read the content you are posting through Facebook or Twitter, but respond to it is the hardest part of marketing through social media. The best way to create content that gets results is to analyze the responses you have received in the past from content you have already posted. This is where a program like Prosodic really shines.


Prosodic collects all of the responses that your content receives, archives them in detailed charts and applies them to a complex algorithm that will create a system that predicatively indicates the success rate of content that you create in the future. It will help you use your social media marketing past to predict your social media marketing future. Its smart analytics will give you the means to identify what is working for you business and what isn’t.

Protecting the reputation of your branding efforts is another important aspect of marketing through social media. Every once in a while, you see social media-using businesses unintentionally post information that doesn’t properly represent their branding or might even be deemed inappropriate. One of the more notable examples of this was when a Chrysler employee mistakenly posted a personal tweet on the company’s Twitter account. Prosodic can analyze the tweet before it is released, realize that it doesn’t match the branding efforts of the tweets that were posted before, recognize that it might include inappropriate language and stop it before it reaches your customers. It allows you to implement custom rules and standards that will stop tweets that could be harmful to your branding.

Ultimately, Prosodic was designed for larger enterprises that are looking to manage multiple social media accounts. Having this type of predicative analytics could make social media marketing more competitive and could help big businesses make their social media advertising campaigns more profitable.

If you’re looking for someone to take control of your social media campaign or website copywriting, give our digital marketing company a call today. We’ll set up a campaign for you.

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