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As the content strategist and social media coordinator for Prager, I’m constantly writing blogs and social media posts for our clients – and I only have so much time to do them. Because of this, I’ve learned a few tricks that have taught me to write fast, but still write well.

Hone In

Writing takes your full concentration, so don’t let anything else distract you while you do it. If you have a writing assignment due on a certain day, block off a chunk of time dedicated to writing and complete your other tasks when you’re done – don’t try to multitask. Also, turn off your cell phone, email notifications, and anything else that could distract you from your writing.

Create an Outline

This tip goes back to high-school-English-paper writing: Before you dive in, create an outline for your topic. Make sure you know what argument you want to drive home, then list the main points you’re going to use to support it. This will make your writing so much easier and faster when you decide to tackle it. Another tip: Save your intro for last. This way, you can read back through your piece and decide what the best opener would be.

Edit Later

Many people have gotten into the habit of editing while they write. While it may seem like a good idea, it will actually slow you down – you’ll end up spending half your time trying to get one thing right, when you could have written twice as much in that time. When you write, just write. Don’t worry about the details. Then, once you’re finished, go back through and edit.

Write Verbally

Do you often find yourself staring at a blank document screen, wondering where to start your writing? Are you more comfortable speaking about something than writing about it? If so, I’ve learned a little trick that can help: Record yourself talking about your topic, then transcribe it. You’ll be able to get a great flow going (and not run into the common problem of writer’s block). Plus, you’ll end up with a piece that truly reflects who you are.

Set Goals

If you have a big writing assignment due and are dreading sitting down and tackling it, start with some goals. Tell yourself you’ll get a certain amount done before lunch, another chunk done by mid-day, and the rest before the day is over. You can even reward yourself for extra motivation. Reach your first goal early? Grab a piece of chocolate. Write continuously for 30 minutes? Spend five minutes on social media. You’ll help yourself stay focused and on point.

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