More Specific Keywords, More Specific Results

Rising Bar GraphThe age-old debate has always been: is it better to direct your marketing efforts toward achieving placement for longer or shorter keywords if you are trying to find the most efficient way to receive a return on your investment? It has been proven that long tail keywords tend to be more cost effective than shorter keywords, because they achieve results quicker. Optimizing your website copywriting for longer keywords will attract people who are searching for industry specific phrases. The longer the keyword, the more detailed the search results can be.

Optimizing your website copywriting for a one or two word phrase leaves a lot of room for complications. Shorter phrases broaden the search results. When a user enters a short phrase to search, they could be looking for your website, a business that is in your industry or they could be searching with synonyms that produce very general search results.

For example:

You own a locksmith company and you are trying to expand your business online, so you optimize for the phrase “keys.” Somebody searching on Google types in the phrase “keys” could be looking for house keys, car keys or safe keys, which would be relevant to your site. But they could also be searching for information on the Florida Keys, businesses with the phrase “keys” in their name or even the popular entertainer, Alicia Keys. Even if you rank high in the search results for this phrase, chances are you are going to have a much higher bounce rate and a lower conversion rate, because people who are landing on your site might not be searching for what you are offering.

Why Choose Long Phrases?

Optimizing for longer, more specific keywords will reduce this problem. If the keywords you are optimizing your site for are more detailed, you have an increased chance that the visitors on your site will convert. To revert back to our example, if you optimize your site for the phrase “Keys for Kwikset Door Locks”, people searching for that phrase are going to be looking for information that is more relevant to your locksmith business. The probability that they are searching for someone who can make keys for their door locks or are looking for someone who can help them, because they are having a problem with a lock is a lot higher.

The end result is that your website will be attracting visitors who are actually looking for things that are relevant to your business. This will lead to an influx of conversions and a substantial increase in the success of your business. Being more detailed with your keyword selection is the best way to get the most out of your SEO or paid search campaign.

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