How Much Home Page Content Is Too Much?

Google G LogoMatt Cutts’ Google Webmaster Central video gets everybody talking about one thing that can make or break your website’s potential: home page content. But how much is too much?

Home page content is a very important factor that impacts your site’s usability and rankings. It’s no secret that large portions of content can be a negative for users, because they can often be seen as intimidating – your website’s visitors don’t want to be greeted by large chunks of content that they have to scroll through. Chances are, if you do include huge amounts of content, your visitors probably won’t read through most of it anyway. Also, if your home page includes a lot of content, it could take longer to download, which will create a bad user experience for visitors.

Balancing the Content Amount

While you don’t want to include too much content, you also don’t want to include too little. Content is a great way to attract search engine spiders, but too much will decrease your website’s relevancy. Spiders will index the information you provide and use it to rate your website accurately and when your home page ranks well, you’ll not only improve your traffic, but the other sections of your site may receive better rankings because they’re linked to your home page.

Limit Large Images

Large images that take up space on your home page can be a benefit for users, but they can work against you if you’re targeting search engine rankings. Search engines don’t index images and don’t use them to determine a site’s credibility, so you need to supplement your images with captivating content so that your home page reaches its fullest potential.

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