Hey Copywriters! Stop Making These SEO Mistakes

SEO copywriting

If you’re an SEO copywriter, you know that there’s a delicate art to writing copy that both pleases your websites visitors and gets your recognized by search engines. The world of SEO constantly evolves and there are some things that copywriters still do that hurt their optimization efforts. For example:

Too many keyword phrases

When you write copy for SEO purposes, you most likely know that including keyword phrases will help search engine spiders index and rank your content. However, don’t make the mistake of using your keyword phrase too many times. It’ll not only make your content look spammy (and obvious) to your readers, but it’ll also hurt your rankings more than help them.

Boring title/headline

When someone clicks through to your page, the first thing they’re going to read is the title or headline for your content, and no one will want to read your content if your title is sub-par. To spark their interest and make them read further, avoid a boring, vague, or over-exaggerated title and instead, take some time to come up with a clever, captivating one.

Long content

These days, our attention spans are getting shorter and we want our facts fast, so don’t make the mistake of writing out your copy in long, drawn-out paragraphs. Keep it simple by writing short sentences and using bulleted lists to make important points. Also, use headings to break up your content and make it easier to read.

No localized language

If your business offers services within a specific area, include that area (your city, county, etc.) in your content. You’ll help boost your local SEO and the chance of someone finding you when they do a local search.

Unbalanced content

SEO copywriters must create content for both their audience and the search engines. If you focus on one more than the other, you’ll throw off the balance and will lose half of your efforts. If you focus too much on your customers and offer no SEO value, you won’t do anything to help your search engine rankings; on the other hand, if you try to please the search engines instead of the customer, you’ll lessen your leads. The key is to find a good balance.

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