Facebook’s “Like” Continues to Make an Influence on Search

Facebook LogoFacebook has one of the most impressive presences on the web today. With over 450 million users worldwide, Facebook continues to generate a very enjoyable experience by giving users the opportunity to connect with people from all over the world.

Search Results Include “Likes”

Facebook is constantly looking for ways to improve their services and generate a more enjoyable experience. Part of this includes finding ways to provide their users with quicker ways to find the information they are looking for within their social network. To streamline the search process and provide users with more information, Facebook has tailored their searches to include content-based articles that users have marked with their “Like” feature.

Once the “Like” feature is clicked, the article will be linked to the user’s Facebook account and will able to be seen by the user’s social network in their news feed.This makes information much more accessible because people can spread articles that interest them through their social network.

How Content Can Help

This poses an interesting opportunity for businesses that use social media to advertise. It puts a stronger focus on the content that you generate for your site. If you take the time to generate more compelling content and encourage your customers to “Like” it, you might get the chance to reach a broader audience, which could mean more potential sales for your business.

Prager can help you use this “Like” feature to your advantage. With our social media consulting, we can create exposure for your business that will elevate your sales and bring your business to a new level of success. Contact us today!

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