Conversions: The Payoff of a Quality Online Marketing Campaign

GraphConversions are the difference between failure and success for your online marketing campaign. When your potential customers turn into conversions, it means they were interested enough in your products and services to explore your website and follow a path that you designed in order to learn more about your business. The more they learn, the more probable it is for them to purchase your products or employ your services.

The beauty about conversions is that they can also test the success of online advertisements because they are completely traceable. When you set a link in an advertisement and you use programs like Google Analytics, you can see exactly how many people were drawn to your site from that advertisement. If a specific style of advertisement is proving to be more effective than others, re-create it as best as you can to attract results that will compliment the success of your business.


“Call To Actions” are another way to induce conversions. Call-to-actions are implemented features on your site like plain links, leading banners or images that suggest actions. They can be as simple as a bolded link in your content that says “Click here to contact us for more information”. When your visitor clicks that link, they have converted from someone who is just searching the web to someone who has pre-qualified themselves as interested in purchasing your products or services.


The content you use to describe your products or services can also create conversions. It is crucial for your site to feature well written content that gets potential prospects excited about your offerings. This could be one of your most effective tools, because a large portion of your site is content. When creating your website copywriting, you want to make sure that it is descriptive, compelling, informative and most importantly, deserving of your visitor’s time. The better quality your content is, the better chance you have of converting your visitors.

Conversions are the life’s blood of online marketing success. As a business with an online marketing campaign, your number one target should be converting your visitors to customers. Having the ability to make the people who are checking out your website want to learn more about who you are and what you offer will benefit your business substantially.

The all-inclusive online marketing campaigns from Prager will propel your business into a new level of success, because they are carefully constructed to deliver results. For more information on how our Internet marketing agency can benefit your business, contact us today!

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