Content Strategies: What Businesses Are Doing

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We recently came across a Marketing Land article that shed some interesting light on content marketing among business-to-consumer marketers. Content marketing is one of the most popular digital marketing strategies among businesses – it’s what draws in new people; what drives home a selling point; what turns visitors into customers. So how is everybody tackling it?

According to the article, 77% of surveyed B2C marketers are using a content marketing strategy. While 79% of those marketers are tracking its effectiveness, a surprising 21% of them aren’t. The most popular ways to track content marketing is by monitoring:

  • Website traffic (62%)
  • Sales (54%)
  • Higher conversion rates (39%)
  • SEO ranking (39%)
  • Time spent on the website (38%)
  • Customer feedback (35%)
  • Subscriber growth (34%)

As we read on, we discovered that 44% of marketers are spending 1%-24% of their marketing budget on content.

Because social media is so prominent these days, the majority of marketers are focusing their content strategy on social media content (other than blogs), however, Marketing Land found that social media was only 58% effective. Instead, the most effective strategy is writing and sending out eNewsletters, followed by attending in-person events. (The least effective strategy is online presentations.)

This shows that while content marketing is very effective (“content is king,” right?), connecting with people on a personal level is also very effective. With this information, you may want to consider getting involved in more community events, such as organizing a fundraiser, sponsoring a local team, or hosting a beer night (like we do!).

Other information in the survey revealed that the most common goal for a content marketing strategy is to gain customer loyalty, and 48% of businesses are publishing new content daily or multiple times per week.

Do you have a content marketing strategy in place? If so, what’s it like? We’d love to hear about it!

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