Content Marketing: 15 Words to Use and 10 Words to Not Use

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As a digital marketing agency, we know that content is what captures the attention of website visitors. While there are some words that are powerful and can lead to new sales, there are also words that can do just the opposite. Here, we’ve come up with 15 words that are good to include in your website content and 10 words that aren’t:

15 Words to Use

Value – Everyone wants a value, so associating your business with money well spent will help it seem worthwhile.

You – By getting a little more personal than “customer” or “client,” you can engage more people.

Because – People like a reason with support; in a study done by social psychologist Ellen Langer, 34% more people said yes to a request that included the word “because.”

Join – Promote community and more people will be willing to team up with you.

Announcing – If something seems new and exciting, it will capture the attention of more readers.

Discover – This word encourages people to take a risk and try something new, which is always a good thing for your business.

Proven – Those interested in a product or service will want to know that it works.

Optional – People like to know that they’re not locked into a decision, so by noting something is “optional,” you can put their mind at ease.

Easy – Who doesn’t like something that’s easy?

Safety – If your product or service is associated with safety, don’t pass up the opportunity to say so. You’ll trigger a positive emotional response.

Ultimate – This word is like using the term “the best,” but with more impact.

Save – An oldie but a goodie, “save”  never loses its touch.

Solution – Everyone is looking for the solution to a problem, and if your business is that solution, you’ll appeal to a lot more readers.

Versatile – Whether it’s your business or what you’re selling, being versatile is a good thing.

Free – Another word that’s an oldie but a goodie; everyone loves something that’s free.

Professional – This word carries an air of trustworthiness, experience, and credibility.

10 Words to Not Use

Responsible – This word is considered overused and doesn’t hold much value.

Groundbreaking – While it sounds positive, “groundbreaking” is often used to inflate something that’s not actually groundbreaking.

Very – There are many other creative words that are more attention-getting than “very.”

World-class – Chances are there’s no way to legitimately back up the claim that you offer “world-class” products or services, so stay away from it.

Utilize – This word is just a fancier word for “use,” and there’s no real reason to choose it over “use.”

Revolutionary – Like “groundbreaking,” this word is usually just used for inflation.

110% – One of the most obvious cliches; no one ever actually gives 110%.

Advanced – “Advanced” can be used to describe nearly anything, so it doesn’t hold much power to the reader.

Unique – Instead of claiming that your business is unique, do something to show it.

Hurry – If you want to create a sense of urgency with your readers (which is a good idea), there are more effective words that you can use.

If you’re using any of these words in a call-to-action, as a headline, or associated with an image, we can help you test which one converts the best. Our multivariate testing gives you honest results so you can reach as many people as possible.

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