Content Could Set You Ahead of Your Competitors

Google PandaWith Google’s Panda update making a significant impact on the online world as we know it, one fact is becoming steadily more apparent with web development: your content is responsible for the success of your website. The quality of your content is going to affect your site’s rankings, which will in turn have a substantial influence on your online success. It’s going to act as the catalyst that will generate exposure for your business online.

What Does Panda Do?

Panda was designed to monitor the relevancy and credibility of the content that is being posted online. It was also created to eliminate content farms that merely flood the online world with useless babble that doesn’t provide users with any considerable information. Its overall objective is to make sure that websites use their resources to supply users with better content or risk being undiscovered by Google users. If sites decide to continue using content farms, they could potentially be missing out on a large portion of visitor traffic that could be referred to them through Google search results.

Why Quality Content is Important

To stay in Google’s favored light, websites are going to have to put more effort into the content they use to convey their message. A lot of website designers have tried to use minimal content because they feel as though it takes away from the site’s actual layout. Users don’t want to be burdened with large pieces of content, but in order for sites to be as effective as possible, content needs to be a main focus. The amount of quality content that you include in your site will have a direct impact on the amount of search engine spiders that index it. If search engine spiders only index small portions of content on your site, they will be less likely to refer their search engine users to your business.

Keep in mind that your users may not read every piece of your content, but search engine spiders will. They will scan your entire site, dissect the content that you have included on it and will assign you a rating for your credibility accordingly. Less content could mean a lower credibility rating and could also mean fewer opportunities to use keywords that search engine spiders look for. This will restrict your traffic flow because users will have fewer ways that they can use to find your business. It could limit your website’s potential to attract unique visitors that input keywords into a search query that you might not have thought to optimize for.

If you are looking for a way to ensure that your site receives all of the benefits that can be a result of staying on Google’s radar, we can help. Give our digital marketing experts a call today.

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