6 Content Marketing Strategies for Your Business

website copywritingContent has always been an important part of marketing and throughout the years, there have been many strategies used to perfect the art of it. Check out some of the best strategies our website copywriting team found:

1. Don’t overdo your presence

Many businesses think that they have to be wildly successful on every single platform they write content for, but the truth is – you can make a great name for yourself just in the blogging world or just in the world of promotional videos. It never hurts to have a presence on several platforms, but if none of them are very successful, choose one and build up a good reputation.

2. Do what’s unique to you

Anybody can copy your marketing ideas, but nobody can copy how you carry them out. If you have something unique to your business, such as the way you communicate with your customers or the way you tell your story, hold on to it. It’s what separates you from everyone else and what gives you an advantage when gaining followers.

3. Work with other tactics

A focus on content only won’t usually get you to the top of your marketing goals. That’s why it’s better to pair your writing with other marketing efforts, such as search engine optimization (SEO) or paid search. If you’re looking for solutions to add to your content writing, we can help!

4. Pay attention to followers

After you’ve built yourself a nice following, pay attention to how your followers behave verses how your potential clients behave. This lets you target your followers differently (especially if they’ve already done business with you – they’ll be more inclined to do business with you again).


Some businesses choose to start early and jump into the content scene talking about their industry like they’ve done it for years. Other businesses, however, test out their competitive waters and wait for the right time to become part of the environment. There is no wrong way to start your content marketing – they can both be successful, so do whatever is best for your company.

6. Get your employees involved

Customers want to hear real stories about the companies they do business with, so get your employees involved. Have them collaborate and talk about the history of your company or tell stories about what it’s like working there. They’ll give your customers something to relate to.

If you’re looking for the perfect content marketing campaign, talk to our website copywriting experts. We can get you started right away!

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