Taking Web Analytics Further

One of the best ways to track your marketing campaign’s success is through our web analytics program that we offer to all of our clients. You’ll be able to track conversion rates, traffic statistics, your ranking in search engine results, and keyword phrases for your industry. We’ve taken it a step further, however, with three additional analytics services that give you even more insight into your business’s success:

Multivariate Testing

Say you have two different images that you want to put on the homepage of your website, but aren’t sure which one visitors would relate to more. With multivariate testing, we can create two versions of your website and use a different image on each. Then, we’ll track each image to see which one converts better and use that one as the final choice.

What’s great about multivariate testing is you can test virtually anything – from the color of a call-to-action button to the wording of a headline to the information required on a “contact us” form to see exactly what people like.

Conversion Tracking

The easiest way to sell your product or service successfully is to understand your typical customer. With conversion tracking, you can track the behavior of your website visitors. You’ll be able to tell how they got to your website (whether they clicked on a paid ad, a social media post, etc.), then where they went after that. We’ll be able to tell you which pages they clicked on, how long they stayed on each page, and whether they filled out a form. When you know where your visitors will go, you can put your most important information there.

Voice Analytics

Say your business relies on a sales team to build a profit, but you haven’t been doing very well. With voice analytics, you can record each and every phone call your sales team makes, then play it back and listen to it. This gives you the opportunity to evaluate your individuals to see where they can improve.

You can also use these phone calls as training tools for current or new employees. You can share examples of good sales conversations and a bad sales conversations to create a model for their efforts.

When you put all three of these services together and then pair them with our standard web analytics, you’ll get virtually endless insight into what makes your business succeed. Visit our analytics page for more information or contact our digital marketing agency experts.

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