Case Study: Paradigm Tax Group

Paradigm Tax GroupSince we began, our digital marketing agency has helped many clients grow their business on the web. In 2004, Paradigm Tax Group came to us with a website that wasn’t bringing them as much success as they hoped it would. Even though Paradigm is a national property tax consulting firm with over 25 offices throughout the country, they were losing business to other tax firms that had better websites.

Paradigm’s website made them seem like a much smaller and less sophisticated company than they were, so we rounded up our experts and went to work.

How We Helped

At Prager, we know that technology is advancing and that more and more people are using mobile devices (like tablets and smartphones) to surf the web. That’s why we took Paradigm’s website to a whole new level and created a responsive web design for them. Now, not only does their website reflect the success and sophistication of their company, it’s easy to view and navigate through on any size screen. Check it out here!

We also helped them improve their search engine rankings by evaluating their content and adding in targeted keyword phrases.

The Results

Since we began our marketing efforts, Paradigm Tax Group has established a #1 ranking on Google for the search phrase “Property Tax Company” and the phrase “Property Tax Firm.” They have also experienced a huge 500% jump in search engine traffic because of our SEO and web design work and have concluded that 71% of their total online conversions are due to our SEO efforts.

John, the Senior Managing Consultant for Paradigm Tax Group, has been very satisfied with our efforts, saying:

“Paradigm Tax Group has used Prager Microsystems as our webmaster since our inception in 2004. Prager Microsystems has worked tirelessly on our behalf. Paradigm’s search engine results have steadily increased over the past years and their company keeps our site fresh and up to date. Many of our clients comment that they either found us from our website or the site is what put us over the top in their decision as to which property tax provider to use. We at Paradigm highly recommend Prager Microsystems for your website needs.”

At Prager, nothing makes us happier than seeing a client succeed because when you succeed, we succeed. We’ve continued to work with Paradigm and have been thrilled with the business we’ve helped them reel in. If you’re looking for a reputable digital marketing agency that services clients nationwide, give us a call. We work hard to build personal relationships with our customers and would love to help you grow your business like we helped Paradigm.

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