Pinterest: The Latest Social Media Craze

In a world dominated by the Internet, social media can be an incredibly helpful marketing tool for your business. But when it comes to social media, there are so many options that it can be hard to keep track of all of them. There is one website, however, that seems to be the recent buzz of avid social sharers: Pinterest.

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Employers Asking for Facebook Passwords

Imagine going to a job interview and after answering all of the necessary questions and providing the right information, the interviewer asks you for your Facebook password. Would you hand it over? That’s what’s happening at various companies throughout the …

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Battle Internet: Yahoo vs. Facebook

There’s a patent war looming among us, people. According to a recent Reuters article, Yahoo is claiming that parts of Facebook’s operation are already patented under the search engine’s name. Yahoo is claiming that some of the technologies that Facebook …

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Google+ For Business (Part 3): Sparks

A lot of Google+ features are designed to improve upon other features on other social media sites. Take for example, “Sparks.” Sparks is similar to Twitter, but offers users more relevant newsfeed information. It starts when the user chooses topics that they are interested in (sports teams, news headlines, etc.).

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Foursquare Launches Business Profiles

The “Check-In” fun continues as Foursquare announced that they will make business and brand pages available for companies who are interested in promoting themselves through this type of social media avenue. Using Foursquare (and social media consulting in general) can be a great way to improve your local customer base for your physical locations.

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Making Your Tweets Suggestive: Part 2

If you have arrived on this article by way of the link that was included in the first part of the “Making Your Tweets Suggestive” series, you have just proven that action words work. If you haven’t, please CLICK HERE and take notice of the last section of the first part of this article.

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