How Often Businesses Should Post on Social Media

Our social media consulting experts will tell you that social media can be a difficult practice to grasp – each industry has a different audience and audience interactions can vary based on demographic, your location, content you post, type of business you’re in, and more.

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Twitter’s Social Media Startup Acquisitions

Since its launch in 2006, Twitter has acquired 31 different startup companies to help grow its presence. They range from a company that analyzes spreadsheet data to one that helps businesses monitor their mobile advertisements. Twitter’s main focus, however, has been to expand its social media authority, and it has acquired several different startups in order to do so, including.

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Get More Followers on Twitter, the Right Way

In keeping with our philosophy of sharing our collective discoveries and knowledge, I thought it might be beneficial to share my personal experiences with Twitter over the past year. As many some none of you know, I maintain a personal blog where I post comics, illustrations, and other nonsense.

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Facebook’s New Graph Search

Up until a few days ago, the only things you could search for on Facebook were people, businesses, and interests. But with the social media platform’s new Graph Search, you can search for “people, places and things.”

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5 Upcoming Social Networks

Social media is huge and let’s face it – Facebook is getting a little old. Stay on the lookout for some of the newest social media platforms that we think will be getting some attention this year.

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Client Spotlight

Check out some of the work we've done to help these clients succeed: