Google Adwords Search Funnels

Google’s dedication to refining their products for their users is uncanny. Every day in the Google labs, the most qualified engineers are brainstorming ways to keep their beloved search engine at the top of the list of contention. To be …

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Paid Search Tracking: Stay Ahead of the Competition

When your business has a Pay-Per-Click campaign, it can be pretty common to think “Are my competitors gaining access to my website via our sponsored advertisements?” Programs like Google Analytics can not only help you find out whether or not your competitors are clicking on your sponsored ads, but they can help determine which specific ads your competitors are clicking on.

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Is Click Fraud Damaging Your Paid Search Campaign?

If you want your online marketing campaign to be as effective as possible, it is important to make sure that your Pay-Per-Click is effectively reaching interested potential customers, your click price is at a respectable value that corresponds to its competitiveness and that your campaign isn’t subjected to Click Fraud, which is a form of online vandalism that could be costing a variety of businesses a sizeable amount of money in online advertising.

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