Google Commerce Search

In an attempt to make it simpler for online retailers to provide their customers with an easier way to search through their product selection, Google has released a new version of its already popular Commerce Search. The overall goal of …

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New Google SERPs Available on Mobile Searches

Recently, Google has released a new format for its search results pages that includes a variety of tools that are designed to make searching faster and more accurate. Providing mobile search users with the tools they need to find the information they want quickly is going to help Google maintain its top spot as the most frequently used search engine.

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Google Revamps Search Results Pages

Google is constantly adapting themselves to deliver a more enjoyable, easier to use experience to search engine users. Recently, their newest update was for their search results pages. Google had launched this update to include their newest developments in search technology, which were designed to make searching easier and more accurate.

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The Bing Application for iPhone

As an attempt to cut in on the mobile search market share that Google has harnessed by being the default search engine for Apple’s iPhone and iPod Touch, has recently updated its search application. This update was designed to “iron out” some of the previous problems that were featured on the original application.

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Google Caffeine

Google’s new reformation is expected to make a large impression on the search world by promising users search results that are more relevant and much faster. If Google Caffeine delivers the type of results Google has predicted, they will have no problem keeping their number one position as the most popular search engine on the web.

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Will Smartphones Have an Impact on Search Engine Popularity?

The increase of the popularity of Smartphones definitely has a major influence on the development of search engine popularity. It’s no secret that Google has a strong hold on search engine popularity, but as Smartphones become a more common choice for online users, will Google’s search esteem remain intact or will the search engine market become a little more competitive?

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