iPad Could Change Google’s Top Spot Value

At our digital marketing firm, we know the search engine optimization world revolves around one key concept: obtaining the first position on a search results page on Google for a keyword that is relevant to your site. The first listing is valuable because Google is the most popular search engine on the web.

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Bing Becomes the Standard for All Blackberrys

Mobile search is continuing to make a substantial impact in the online world. As more people become dependent on searching the web with their mobile devices, search engines are trying harder to expand their market share of mobile search users. Many experts in the search industry (including our digital marketing firm) speculate that mobile devices could have a huge influence on search engine and web browser popularity.

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Bing Gains Ground in 2011

Microsoft’s Bing search engine is on the steady path to becoming the online world’s “Little Engine that Could”. Reporting increasing numbers for search shares for the last six months, Bing has again notified the search world that in February of 2011, the amount of online users that utilized Bing for searching the web has increased by a half percent.

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Yahoo Search Direct

Saving your users time when they are searching is the easiest way to get them to favor your search engine. Everybody knows the saying “Time is money,” but when you consider the significance time possesses in the search world, you could easily change this old adage to “Time is users.”

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Duck Duck Go

The search engine popularity competition continues as new search engines are being developed every day. The members of our web development agency know that developers are always looking to create a search engine that provides users with a new experience …

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