An Interesting Opinion on Content’s Future…

While content is always an important part of any digital marketing campaign, there are trends that fade in and out every year. We came across an interesting opinion article by Eric Kneler (the executive director of strategy at Meredith Xcelerated Marketing) and his thoughts on content for the next year.

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Reinforce Your Business with Blogs

Blogs are used for many things – expressing opinions, connecting with people, sharing new information, and more. They are considered to be a social output for users all over the world, and what once was an individual’s hobby has become a way to benefit the bottom line of your business and increase your digital marketing efforts.

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Content Marketing: 15 Words to Use and 10 Words to Not Use

As a digital marketing agency, we know that content is what captures the attention of website visitors. While there are some words that are powerful and can lead to new sales, there are also words that can do just the opposite. Here, we’ve come up with 15 words that are good to include in your website content and 10 words that aren’t.

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Content Strategies: What Businesses Are Doing

We recently came across a Marketing Land article that shed some interesting light on content marketing among business-to-consumer marketers. Content marketing is one of the most popular strategies among businesses – it’s what draws in new people; what drives home a selling point; what turns visitors into customers.

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On Writing Faster and Better…

As the content strategist and social media coordinator for Prager, I’m constantly writing blogs and social media posts for our clients – and I only have so much time to do them. Because of this, I’ve learned a few tricks that have taught me to write fast, but still write well.

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Understanding Your Audience

When you run a business, the most important part of your success is your audience – if you don’t capture their attention, they won’t be interested in your products or services. And in order to capture their attention, you need to do more than know who they are – you need to understand them.

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Client Spotlight

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