Bing Becomes the Standard for All Blackberrys

Mobile search is continuing to make a substantial impact in the online world. As more people become dependent on searching the web with their mobile devices, search engines are trying harder to expand their market share of mobile search users. Many experts in the search industry (including our digital marketing firm) speculate that mobile devices could have a huge influence on search engine and web browser popularity.

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FCC Forces Data Roaming For Carriers

In order to provide consumers with the best data coverage for their money, the FCC has enforced regulations that will make service providers AT&T and Verizon enter a data roaming agreement with smaller mobile carriers. This will make it so that mobile subscribers that choose smaller carriers will have access to data services, no matter where they are in the United States.

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Click-Through Rates and Your Tweets

A lot of businesses are using Twitter to expand the potential of their business (including our digital marketing firm), but not a lot of businesses understand what their actual goals should be with this type of advertising. Using Twitter to promote your business extends beyond just building your social network of followers. You have to make sure that you engage your followers so that they get your message and respond accordingly.

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Video Advertising Continues to Gain Ground

Video advertising is an extremely effective online marketing method because it clearly communicates your message and reinforces your branding efforts. When your business uses videos to connect with your potential prospects, you eliminate any confusion and you can perfectly clear about your intentions, since videos provide your prospects with both audio and video assurance.

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Bing Improves Integration of Twitter

The power behind social media consulting has made it a driving force in the online world. People’s interest in being able to express themselves online and connect with other users has made social media one of the most influential elements that exists on the web today. Its popularity has changed the way we communicate and changed the way we use the internet.

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Promoting Your Blog with Email Subscriptions (Part 3)

If you want to establish a reader base that checks your blog regularly, the best way to do that is to make checking your blog something that they do naturally ever day. When your readers get accustomed to checking your blog on a routine basis, they are going to soak in the information that you present them easier, which will make them more accessible to your business.

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