Google +1 Analytics

Google’s +1 feature is becoming more widely accepted in the online world. Recently, Google announced that they are going to make the +1 button available for not only listings featured on their search results, but they are also going to make it available for entire sites. This will allow users to put their personal approval on a site, for all of the members of their social network to see.

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Facebook Commerce

Merging your sales and social media efforts can help your business increase its profitability. When you give your customers the opportunity to purchase your products through your Facebook site, you are improving their availability and simplifying the purchase process.

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Google Instant Pages

Google Chrome users can now take advantage of a new feature that will help them search much faster. Google has launched a new tool, called Instant Pages, which is expected to improve the way search results are loaded for users. It’s a fast-moving piece of technology that uses prediction based programs to customize and improve the search experience for Google users.

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SEO for Video

Videos have improved the efficiency of many different types of online marketing actions. They give users a better understanding of the sales message that is being presented and they eliminate any confusion by using stunning images and clear audio to connect with consumers.

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Twitter Offers Link Shortening

Everybody that uses Twitter knows that sometimes having 140 characters just isn’t enough to make a point. Especially when you are a business that is trying to use Twitter to attract potential sales leads. Including a link in your tweets can be a great way to lure potential customers to certain sections of your site, but with only 140 characters available, sometimes a full sized link could potentially take up your entire tweet.

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