Search engine optimization is always changing, and long-term strategies not only take time, but also money to get your company to where it wants to be. If you’re on a budget, there are still ways you can boost your SEO and make your website more visible and reputable. Here are six ways to do so:

On-Page SEO

Make sure that each of your website pages is optimized for a certain keyword phrase. Include the phrase in your content, meta descriptions, images, title tags, page title, and other elements of your page that can help boost your website credibility.

Link Building

Make a list of the contacts you have in your industry. Then, reach out to those with reputable websites and ask them to write a blog or article about your industry and include a link to your business on their website. You’ll increase your reputation and score points with Google.

In-House Writing

While outsourcing your content may be easier, it’s more beneficial to keep the content generation within the company. Those who know the most about their jobs are the ones who should be writing about them, and by doing so, you can build a more trustworthy customer base.


If you have backlinks to your website, chances are they point directly to your home page. Instead of having them all do the same thing, mix up where the pages they go to. Try including your contact page, about page, and more. Google likes to see backlink diversity.

Long-Tail Keywords

While the idea used to be to use short keywords that have a lot of search volume, long-tail keywords are actually better for attracting a specific audience. You’ll show Google that your keywords are more user-focused than search engine-pleasing.

Helpful Content

When you write content for your website, make sure it’s content that will be helpful to visitors. Explain how your products or services can solve a problem they may have and what other benefits they’ll enjoy.