December 22, 2016 by Alyssa / In Web Design

In continuing our annual “Web Design Trends of…” blog series, here are some of the design trends that we think we’ll see throughout the internet in 2017:

More Videos

Branding has been moving more and more towards storytelling and we predict that many businesses will be implementing videos into their websites next year. Videos are not only enticing, but they can help convey a message through a visual medium. And with such short attention spans these days, videos can help grab the attention of future customers.

Bold Colors

Throughout 2016, we saw more and more companies taking risks and implementing bold colors into their websites and our digital marketing experts think this trend will continue through next year. Using bolder colors can help draw attention, but can also be used to rebrand or help give a business a new image or fresh look.

Authentic Photos

Perhaps the most simple design trend that we predict is the fall of stock photos and the rise of authentic photos. As more and more designers learn to appreciate art and photography, we think they’ll turn more towards authentic and creative photos instead of just using basic stock photos. In addition, we think we’ll see more photos of staff members and “meet the team”-themed images.


When people think about web design, they likely don’t think about shapes, but they play a relevant role in a website. We’ve seen geometry gain momentum through this year and next year, we believe we’ll see more shapes, lines, and patterns in images, logos, text, and more. After all – it’s called web design, right?


In relation to “more videos,” we think that web designers will be using more animation and/or GIFs throughout their websites. These moving pieces are a great way to explain a concept, show how to do something, or demonstrate how something works. Plus, they can be short and sweet, which means customers won’t lose focus or attention.

Micro-Mini Interactions

Micro-mini interactions were one of the most popular web design topics of 2016. These interactions refer to singular tasks that website visitors can do to interact with a product (such as setting an alarm, liking a comment, or pressing a login button). These can make the user interface more appealing and approachable to customers and we think more and more designers will turn towards them.

Weather Apps

Yes, the implementation of weather apps sounds a little strange, but we all want to know the weather when we first wake up. Though simple, we think this concept will catch on in websites next year.