June 29, 2018 by Alyssa / In Company, General

There are businesses that succeed and businesses that don’t, and it makes you wonder: What are the owners of the successful businesses doing right? As a digital marketing agency begun by Steve Prager, we’ve grown to be able to offer an array of marketing solutions to our clients, and we can attribute our success to:

A positive attitude

Owning a business is a lot of hard work and while there are bound to be some disappointments on the road to success, negativity never gets anyone anywhere. As tough as it may be sometimes, business owners tend to think positively and strive to move forward.


Organization is the key to any successful operation. Whether its payroll, emails, taxes, or product orders, business owners stay disciplined in order to master organizing the many different elements of their company and keep everything running smoothly.

Money management skills

Managing money can be difficult – especially if the outcome of your company depends on it. However, successful business owners have a knack for understanding (or learning to understand) their income and expenses, including how much money to spend, what areas to spend it on, and how much to save.

A focus on the customer

Everyone’s heard the phrase “the customer is always right,” and accomplished business owners seem to understand it the most. Owners know that their customers are what drive their success and what can help them grow, which is why they focus on their customers’ wants and needs. When you satisfy your customers, you gain their trust and create a positive reputation for your company.

Short-term and long-term goals

By setting both short-term and long-term goals, business owners give themselves a reason to be motivated and a way to grow their business. Achieving your goals also gives you a sense of accomplishment and an overall well-being.

A willingness to ask for help

Business owners often have a sense of confidence in their ability to prosper, but they also understand that they don’t know everything. When they need to know something that they don’t, they’re willing to ask for help to find the answer.

Competitive spirit

When you’re a business in an already established industry, it’s necessary to have a competitive spirit. Accomplished business owners know that they have to do something different in order to have an edge over their challengers and win over potential customers.