July 20, 2018 by Alyssa / In Marketing

Starting your own company is hard; building a customer base is even harder. In order to begin, you’ll want to have a marketing strategy that can help you gain exposure, appeal to new customers, and create a brand loyalty. Here, our digital marketing experts share six questions you should ask in order to determine your marketing needs:

What is my brand’s story?

In order to build relationships with new customers, you must have a brand story. This story is what you’ll use to appeal to individuals and can give you an advantage over your competition. A story can be told through your website, social media, and more to help build interest and give you a more intimate way to connect with your audience.

What type of audience is my company targeting?

Determining what audience you’re targeting can help you begin the right marketing strategy. If you’re a toy company, you’ll want to market to parents; if you’re a drug company, you’ll likely target older individuals; if you’re a makeup brand, you’ll want to target females, etc. Knowing the type of person you’re marketing to can help you hone in on a successful way to build your customer base.

Who are my primary competitors?

Unless your company is offering something that absolutely no one else has, you’re going to have competitors. Knowing who your competitors are can help you determine what you’re up against as far as products, services, pricing, brand value, and more. The more information you know, the easier you can tailor your marketing in your favor.

How many new customers can my company handle per month?

Before you begin your marketing strategy, you’ll need to figure out how many new customers your company can handle at a time. If you don’t, you could easily overwhelm your resources and in turn, reduce your success. By determining this factor early, you’ll be able to focus on fully satisfying each of your customers and building brand loyalty.

What value does my company bring?

In order for people to choose you over your competition, your company should offer a value they can’t get anywhere else. Analyze your product or service, your brand story, your pricing, and more to find an edge over your competition. This will help you better sell your company and gain more customers.

What target keywords should my company rank for?

These days, people take to the internet to find businesses and if yours isn’t at the top of search engine results, you won’t have the visibility you need to grow your customer base. To improve your rankings, you’ll need to implement search engine optimization and in order to begin a campaign, you’ll need to figure out what keywords you want to rank for. Do some research to find what people are searching for, then begin your campaign.

If you’re ready to start a marketing strategy that improves your visibility and customer engagement, contact the digital marketing experts at Prager. We’ll help you determine your goals and get you started.