November 24, 2015 by Alyssa / In Company

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and at Prager, we’re pretty thankful for a lot of things. Here are just a few from each of our digital marketing specialists:

steve prager





I’m thankful for…

  1. Everyone seems to say it, but truly my family. Without their support, I’d probably be in the looney bin.
  2. Kids. Watching them laugh, grow, learn, and dream keeps things in perspective.
  3. Being healthy. Too many people take this simple thing for granted.
  4. Sunsets. They remind me that we should never forget to enjoy the simple things in life.
  5. My business, clients and coworkers. Being employed means someone thought we were special enough to hire.
  6. Weekends. There’s something magical about weekends.


matt nye


Development Manager/UE Designer


I’m thankful for…

  1. Family: These people love and support me more than anyone else in the world and without them I don’t know what I’d do!
  2. My dog, Yoshi: Although I do count him as part of my family, he deserves a special shout-out. He’s my best bud and is always there to greet me when I get home and snuggle on the couch.
  3. Music & Coffee: These fuels keep me super productive and efficient.
  4. My wood stove: I love making fires and love that burning wood is cheaper than oil.
  5. Spellcheck: I use it all the tim!
  6. Dessert: ‘Nuff said.


alyssa warner



Content Strategist


I’m thankful for…

  1. Good health. I always try to remember that things could be a lot worse.
  2. Coffee: a.k.a. nectar from the heavens.
  3. My friends and family. It’s nice to have people who care about me.
  4. My job: a.k.a. my rent money.
  5. Music: the stuff that keeps me sane.
  6. Being alive. It’s pretty awesome to wake up to this beautiful world every day.


megan dickson



Digital Marketing Specialist


I’m thankful for…

  1. Being a mom and the love my daughter gives me.
  2. Technology: for unlimited access to information at all times and keeping me connected to the people I love.
  3. Google Maps: I don’t know how I ever got anywhere before.
  4. This day and every experience in my life (good or bad), and the ability to learn from both
  5. My family and friends who love and support me.
  6. …not being a turkey.