15 Fun Facts About Google

digital marketing experts

Google celebrated its 20th anniversary this past week and in honor of the search engine’s birthday, our digital marketing experts thought we’d put together a list of fun facts about Google:

  • Google was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin while they were Ph.D. students at Stanford University in California. (Wikipedia)
  • The domain name for Google was registered on September 15, 1997 and incorporated almost a year later, on September 4, 1998. (Wikipedia)
  • Google’s initial investment was from Sun Microsystems co-founder Andy Bechtolsheim for $100,000. (Global News)
  • The name “Google” is a play on the word “googol,” a mathematical term represented by the numeral one followed by 100 zeros. (Entrepreneur)
  • By the summer of 2002, Yahoo tried to acquire Google for $3 billion, but Google reportedly turned down the deal as it felt it was worth at least $5 billion. (The Verge)
  • When Google initially went public in 2004, it priced its stock at $85 a share. It sold 19,605,052 shares. (The Verge)
  • The company’s first workspace was Susan Wojcicki’s garage on Santa Margarita Ave. She was Google’s first marketing manager and is now the CEO of YouTube. (Entrepreneur)
  • In 2006, Google bought YouTube for a $1.65 billion after outbidding companies like Microsoft, Viacom, and Yahoo. (The Verge)
  • Google unveiled Gmail on April Fool’s Day in 2004. The announcement was wackily-worded and was widely misconstrued as a hoax. (Entrepreneur)
  • In 2010, Google made its introduction into the self-driving car world when it rolled out a fleet of seven Toyota Priuses that were outfitted with sensors and artificial intelligence. (The Verge)
  • Page and Brin originally nicknamed their new search engine “BackRub”, because the system checked backlinks to estimate the importance of a site. (Wikipedia)
  • Google Maps was introduced in 2005, but it wasn’t until 2009 that the company incorporated turn-by-turn GPS navigation. (The Verge)
  • The first 10 language versions of Google available to the public were: French, German, Italian, Swedish, Finnish, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Norwegian and Danish. (Entrepreneur)
  • At Google’s headquarters (called “Googleplex”), there are workout rooms, washers and dryers, a massage room, assorted video games, table football, a baby grand piano, a billiard table, and ping pong tables throughout the campus. (Wikipedia)
  • Today, the search engine and its sibling companies (all under the holding company Alphabet) are collectively worth $800 billion. (Global News)

Have any facts about Google that you’d like to share? Our digital marketing experts would love to hear them!